Not eve eryone is able to travel to attend scientific conferences, for financial, health, family reasons or teaching duties. Such factors often disproportionately affect women with (small) children, but also others can benefit from the virtual format of the winter school, eliminating many of these problems.

Also, ecology becomes more and more important as we are running out of Earth’s resources. As a scientific community we have the duty to think about sustainability and our ecological footprint. Although international conferences are excellent environments for scientific discussion and networking, the combined environmental cost of all the travel by particpants is huge.

Virtual lectures have the advantage that they can be followed from home without the need to travel and the recordings allow people to watch them at a suitable time. We offer free registration.

This ensures that scientific lectures can be followed by every scientist all over the world, without restrictions on financial, health or family basis.

Further, the online format facilitates the communication with peers from all over the world. We aim to built a fertile platform to facilitate international communication on computational chemistry and the exchange of ideas between specialists of different fields. We request the speakers to give an introduction at a basic level.

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