Virtual Winterschool

on Computational Chemistry

And the winners are...

golden winner

The jury congratulates all participants who submitted a Single Figure Presentation to the Winter School on Computational Chemistry in 2017. All SFPs were of high quality, regarding both the content and the presentation of the work resulting in a tough competition. The submitted works covered a wide range of computational chemistry topics, including method development, photoinduced events, application of versatile computational methods to small molecules, solids, and biological systems.


Finally, the jury decided to  choose the following SFP winners:

Benoit Mignolet (Belgium)
Rich Athermal Ground-State Chemistry Triggered by Nonadiabatic Relaxation

Michael Medvedev (Russia)
Density functional theory is straying from the path toward the exact functional

Henrique C. S. Junior (Brazil)
Magnetic properties of a mononuclear copper(II) complex

Yisel Martinez Noa (Cuba)
Novel anti-malarial peptides: cysteine protease inhibitors


Prof. Paul Geerlings (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

Prof. Dennis Salahub (University of Calgary)

Dr. Julianna Olah (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)

The SFP winners will have the chance to present their work in the form of a lecture in the 2018 edition of Virtual Winter School on Computational Chemistry.


People who want to volunteer or help with the organisation, please contact Goedele Roos.

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