Virtual Winter School on Computational Chemistry

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What's an SFP?

Winter School will have a virtual poster session running throughout the conference. All posters will be done in the format of single figure presentations (SFP's) and will be available in a dedicated photo gallery. There will be an opportunity to submit questions, provide comments and to discuss with the presenters.

Each participant can submit only one SFP. A certificate of attendance will be granted to all people who submitted a single figure presentation. SFP's need to be submitted before the end of the conference.

Three SFP presenting sessions are planned (check our program).

Single figure presentations are a single image, highlighting the key idea of the presented work. The figure should be concise and convey one clear point (max. 50 words of explanation).

SFP’s are a visual equivalent of a 3-minute thesis.

Read this article by Henry Rzepa for a more in-depth elaboration on nano-publications such as SFP's.

To access or participate in the Single Figure Presentation gallery, you need to log in.

During SFP presenting sessions you will be able to orally present your SFP in 5 minutes followed by a Q&A session (up to 10 minutes per participant - this is not mandatory). Only one SFP presentation session per participant will be allowed. To present your SPF, you only need to be present on one of the SFP webinar sessions. You do not need to pick a session in advance.