What's an SFP?

Event will have a virtual poster session running throughout the conference. All posters will be done in the format of single figure presentations (SFP's) and will be available in a dedicated photo gallery. There will be an opportunity to submit questions, provide comments and to discuss with the presenters.

Each participant can submit only one SFP. A certificate of attendance will be granted to all people who submitted a single figure presentation. SFP's need to be submitted before 24.01.2024.

Single figure presentations are a single image in landscape format, highlighting the key idea of the presented work. The figure should be concise and convey one clear point (max. 50 words of explanation).

SFP’s are a visual equivalent of a 3-minute thesis.

Read this article by Henry Rzepa for a more in-depth elaboration on nano-publications such as SFP's.

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