What's an SFP?

Winter School 2018 will have a virtual poster session running throughout the conference. All posters will be done in the format of single figure presentations (SFP's) and will be available ton the forum. On the forum, there will be an opportunity to submit questions and have discussions with the presenters. You can see an example SFP when logged in to the site.

The four best SFP's  (student and post-doc category) will be awarded a lecture spot in the 2019 edition of Winter School. On top, thanks to the Elsevier Foundation, the winning SFP presentations will recieve a poster prize.

Prizes will be awarded based on the quality of work conveyed by the SFP, the quality of the presentation, and the forum discussion.

Single figure presentations are a single image, highlightig the key idea of the presented work. The figure should be concise and convey one clear point (max. 50 words of explanantion). 

SFP’s are a visual equivalent of a 3-minute thesis.

Read this article by Henry Rzepa for a more in-depth elaboration on nano-publications such as SFP's.

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The single figure publication is a novel, efficient format by which to communicate scholarly advances. It will serve as a forerunner of the nano-publication, a modular unit of information critical for machine-driven data aggregation and knowledge integration

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