Privacy Disclaimer

To comply with the GDPR and other European Privacy regulations, we are providing you with an overview of the data we collect on this site, how long we keep it and what we use it for.

I subscribed to be notified about opening of registrations

Upon subscribing to this newsletter, your e-mail address will be stored in a database on the web server.Using this address, you will recieve only one mail apart from the subscription procedure: a notification that registrations are open for the upcoming edition of the virtual winter school on computational chemistry.

To subscribe, you need to enter your e-mail address in the form on the website and also confirm your subscription by clicking on the link you recieved in an initial mail. This is called double opt-in.

One week after sending out the mail notifying all subscribed addresses, this list will be removed. Addresses are not kept.

If you would wish to remove your address, use the opt-out link at the bottom of the opt-in mail or contact the webmaster.

I registered an account on the site

Once registrations are open, individuals can register to the event. People are asked to enter personal data (name, title, institution, photo, etc...). The most important aspect of this profile is to create a community feeling. People who checked the option to show their name on the attendee list, will share their profile with the other participants.

Only registered users will have access to the forum and community activities and recieve the newsletter.

The newsletter is used to inform participants of practical information, for example the access code to the live streams or last minute changes.

Accounts will remain active until the next registration opens. At this moment, the previous registration list gets purged.

If you would wish to remove your account earlier, please contact the webmaster.

I participated in the SFP-challenge or the forum

Participants who submitted a Single Figure Presentation will have a thread in the discussion forum on the topic of their SFP. Names of participants who reacted will be visible to registered and logged in users.

SFP-participants will recieve a certificate of participation. This will be based upon the information provided in the registration form.

The personal information of the SFP-winners may be shared with the sponsors as to be able to send the prizes out to these persons.

When registrations for the next edition, all profiles will be deleted with the registration list.

I gave a talk on the site

When a speaker gives a presentation on the site, a simple profile is created. Contrary to user accounts, speaker accounts remain on the website as long as the presentation is online.

At the discretion of the speaker, a presentation can me made available publicly, only accessible to registered users, or not being availabe at all.

If you would wish to remove this account or change the presentation settings, please contact the webmaster.

Third parties

  • google analytics for statistics - Google Privacy Policy
  • google docs for reviewing Single Figure Presentations by the jury - Google Privacy Policy
  • for live streaming and recording the sessions - Privacy policy
  • web server and hosting are located in Amsterdam, on servers by SiteGround (a US based company) and cached by CloudFlare. Both take pride in safeguarding the data they host.

General rules

  • Personal data is not shared with third parties (unless we are legally compelled).
  • While it is fun to collect data and build statistics, we consciously try to minimize the data we collect and keep without damaging the community feeling of the event.
  • Statistical information (e.g. geographical spread, number of participants, etc...) can be shared with possible partners (e.g. universities, companies, ...)
  • The server collects some technical data (IP addresses, browser data, ...). These are required for the proper functioning of the website and are not connected to your personal account.
  • Registered users can log in with their credentials and see their profile.
  • Every newsletter contains an opt-out link at the bottom. Clicking this link will remove your from the newsletter but will not remove your account.
  • If you feel that we have damaged your rights, please contact the webmaster. If you need to escalate your issue, you can contact the Belgian Privacy commission.