Virtual Winterschool

on Computational Chemistry

Virtual Winterschool on Computational Chemistry

It is a great tradition to share information among scientists. Since we strongly believe in this principle, in 2015, we started the winter school of Computational Chemistry initiative. The last edition (2016) brought us over 600 visitors, with an audience originating from 72 countries.

With the internet as basic tool, sharing information is today easier than ever. Already in the 90’s, Steven Bachrach had the idea of running a virtual computational chemistry conference (ECCC, electronic conference on computational chemistry) and Henry Rzepa followed it up with ECTOC (electronic conference on trends in organic chemistry, all of which are still online at These were made to share information among (computational and theoretical) chemists using media apart from regular conferences.

This year’s ‘Virtual Winterschool on Computational Chemistry’ organizes virtual lectures, with a special focus on educational training sessions. Our excellent speakers (see confirmed speakers) will provide background theoretical information for young scientists (PhD/post-doc). The format of the lectures include an online, live virtual conference, where participants can attend the talk and even ask questions. Participants need to register in order to get a login granting access to the secured website, forum and the E-presentations. Registration is free but mandatory. Furthermore, participants are encouraged to upload their work as a Single Figure Presentation (SFP) on the secured forum.